Virtual Arts Administration?

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I am a virtual arts administrator.    I started down this career path as a publicist and tour organizer with a professional touring theatre company.  It was lucky for me that the company was based in a small town and willing to train someone who was enthusiastic about the work.

There was only one computer in the office and only one person knew how to use it.  The rest of us used typewriters, and lots of white-out.

On the first day of work, my employers must have worried about their choice of    employee when    I was unable to figure out how to return the typewriter to the left side of the page after typing a line of text.   After I stared at the machine for several  minutes, desperately looking for a way to send it back to the beginning for another line,  someone asked me if I needed help.  Thankfully they knew where to find the return key.  I think the first press release I wrote took several days and underwent extensive editing and gobs of white-out.

I improved greatly after that rather inauspicious start and have continued working as an arts administrator for different arts organizations for over 20 years.

Seven years ago, after moving half an hour from the nearest town I decided to work from home and started MacMillan’s Virtual Assistant.



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