Virtual arts administrators make sense for cash strapped arts organizations.  It frees them from the expense of setting up an office, so more of their funds can go to programming.

With all the technological advances we enjoy even attending meetings does not require a physical presence.

Qualified arts administrators are a specialized group of workers.  Their training and experience is generally much broader than an office administrator.

Paula MacMillan has experience

  • Working with non-profit Boards
  • Writing grant applications
  • Working with membership organizations (preparing membership drives, compiling membership data bases)
  • Public Relations including press releases, psa’s, newsletters, visual identity
  • Bookkeeping, disseminating financial information and liaison with accountants
  • Budget preparation (excel spread sheets)
  • Event organization

Your organization saves money

  • No need to provide an office, virtual assistants work out of a home office
  • No need to provide and keep up to date office equipment (computers, printers etc)
  • No need to pay EI, CPP, vacation pay or remit taxes saving money and paid hours of a bookkeeper

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